Cindori VR Desktop For Virtual Reality Multi-Monitor Immersion of MAC OS

Members of Apple company appliances finally do it. here is the first VR Desktop. Which combines the best experience of virtual reality.  See Specifications of Cindori VR Desktop application and hardware needs.

Cindori VR Desktop For Virtual Reality Multi-Monitor Immersion of MAC OS
Cindori VR Desktop

One of the independent developers decide to take VR desktop matter into their own hands. And created Cindori VR Desktop – a special application, which is designed for Mac OS from Apple. That is you can have amazing view of MAC OS with VR goggles. Until now, all the American brand computers are unable to use the VR goggles. But thanks to this program everything is about to change.

With Cindori VR Desktop users are able to wear goggles on their heads and connect it to your computer. The screen displays an image of the desktop, and currently open programs. Thee best virtual immersion experience. With this you can quickly set up a multi-monitor workstation located in virtual reality. The application developer ensures that everything is running smoothly and without obstacles.

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Cindori VR Desktop Keyboard and Mouse Problems?

Unfortunately, the only problem when using the VR goggles and Apple computer is the same access to the keyboard. That is visualizations of keyboard keys is a problem for this technology. However one can use this without seeing keyboard. This technology produces the VR images of software generation at monitor. This would eventually create problem with viewing real time peripherals like keyboard and mouse for controlling. While the mouse also has control without having to look at it. So the keyboard using is a bit harder for the time being.

At the moment Cindori VR Desktop suite well for watching movies or visualizing other multimedia content . It is also one of the first solution that gives Apple users the ability to interact with VR equipment. The official application of the apple logo probably needs a little wait.

Download trial in source link below. It requires Oculus Rift DK2 and macOS 10.11 or later.