Apple Clips releases “Selfie Scenes”, Augmented Reality feature for iPhone X users

Apple has launched an essential update of Clips. That is its mobile application for iPhone and iPad aimed at making videos of short duration but with fun and playful aspects.

Apple Clips releases "Selfie Scenes", Augmented Reality feature for iPhone X users

Apple Clips releases “Selfie Scenes”, Augmented Reality feature for iPhone X users

Among the new features is the renewal of its interface to facilitate access to controls. Thus avoiding being too basic by putting the restrictions, they need to make their videos with an essence of stickers, posters, and soundtracks.

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Also, that includes animated stickers of Stars Wars characters and 21 new royalty-free soundtracks by independent artists. So, the application has new artistic effects that use style transfer technology to convert content into works of art. That is similar to what Prisma does and even support for iCloud.

But the most striking thing is the new feature called Selfie Scenes. That is only for iPhone X users. Since it uses TrueDepth camera technology to place users in virtual scenes.

Selfie Scenes Immersive sound

Currently, there are about ten scenes you can choose. Two of which belongs to Star Wars theme. The idea is to cut out the users of the images to include as backgrounds virtual views, scenes that are completely immersive, at 360ยบ. There are also environmental sounds to generate even more immersive sensation.

As we say, this latest and interesting novelty is only available to users of iPhone X, whose results will be somewhat similar to what you can get with the world of Snapchat.


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