Logitech develops a keyboard for virtual reality

Logitech today introduced its SDK Bridge. That is designed for developers to solve the problem of writing in virtual reality. The kit has a cost of 150 dollars, and at this time, it is intended only for the HTC Vive and includes a Logitech G keyboard. Also, it is an accessory that helps to place the Vive Tracker on the keyboard correctly. And that comes with the critical software to put it all together.

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Logitech develops a keyboard for virtual reality

Logitech develops a keyboard for virtual reality

“We have been working with Logitech since the last year. And I think what they have created is the solution all we need. Virtual keyboards are great for simple interactions. But to work, there’s nothing like feeling the touch of typing on a physical keyboard. So, being able to see your keyboard in VR significantly makes it easier to write and interact with our computers, “says Darshan Shankar, CEO of Bigscreen.

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Logitech plans to send 50 development kits in this first stage. And will accept applications from US developers until November 16. More units will come to the market if there is sufficient interest in the initial offer.

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That is primarily a beta test and test of a concept. So Logitech expects a lot of comments on the device.

In addition to the ease of typing on a real keyboard, having the virtual keyboard will also allow you to customize it in any way that developers want. Some of the possibilities could be to highlight keys, create effects or even change the symbols according to the context of the application.

Logitech Launching and Pricing

The company sees its useful applications in communication environments, productivity or even when playing with an HTC Vive. The BRIDGE is customizable using the software. And allows changing the appearance and operation of the keyboard within the virtual reality application.

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At the moment it will only be available for 50 developers. So those who are interested in acquiring it should fill out a form and prepare the portfolio since the cost will be USD 150.

The BRIDGE SDK is compatible with SteamVR-based applications.