Intel Xeon 9200 with 56 cores, Cooper Lake Architecture tipped weak feedback of AMD Rome Zen2

AMD envisioned to present its processors EPYC Rome with Zen 2 architecture and models of up to 64 cores this week and it has done so. It is true that this type of processor does not attract much attention for ordinary users, but it is a very important market for companies to be able to achieve such good economic results. In the server market alone, AMD is struggling hard to gain market share from Intel, and it seems that the new EPYC Rome has achieved the goal of attracting the attention of media and data center companies.

Obviously, Intel could not stand idly by and watch, the day before AMD announcement, the new masterpiece from Intel is announced as Xeon 9200 series: up to 56 cores with Cooper Lake architecture in a 14 nm manufacturing process. These processors are not sold loose because they are available in BGA. The four announced models are as follows:

For these types of fabricators, Intel uses a system of modular MCM chips, just like AMD, so they’re not monolithic chips. This second-generation Intel Xeon Scalable supports up to 12 channels of DDR4 memory with a capacity of up to 3 TB RAM and can reach a bandwidth of up to 407 GB/s in its maximum configuration.


Obviously, the server market has a different way of working than that of home computers, and it is difficult to get companies to make major changes to the chip manufacturer. It seems, however, that AMD has in some ways achieved the same thing as in the desktop market, with Intel lacking a product that can offer real competition. The fact that Intel announced this Cooper Lake just a day before AMD and seems to be putting less interesting processors to work with already reflects this: more MHz, but fewer cores, a 14nm manufacturing process, and above all an impressively high TDP of 400W in its strongest model (AMD 225W), indicate a desperate reaction movement.

In fact, after this week of important presentations, we have seen a first reaction of the investments on the stock market: AMD increased the value of its shares by 15%.


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