Intel Xeon Gold 5320H Cooper Lake is discovered and digged out

Last month, Intel launched its third generation of the scalable Xeon CPU family, known as Cooper Lake, based on a 14nm node. Now some people in China have got their hands on the first Cooper Lake chips, which reveal an interesting design for the LGA 4189 CPU family based on the Cedar Island platform.

Intel Xeon Gold 5320H ‘Cooper Lake’ is discovered

The person who published this claim that this Cooper Lake SP sample is the Intel Xeon Gold 5320H. The CPU has 20 cores, 40 threads, and is based on the 14nm++ process node and comes with a 2.2 GHz base clock.

Now the specifications of the Xeon Gold 5320H refer to a 2.4 GHz base clock and a 4.3 GHz boost clock. The difference in clock speeds is again due to the way the chip itself was evaluated, which was done before the official specifications for the Cooper Lake SP line were established. But the base clock is not the only change we see in this chip compared to its final form of sale.

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When we look at the IHS, we see a striking similarity with the older version of Cooper Lake (CPX-4) than the Cooper Lake version (CPX-6) that was officially released last month.

Revealing its dual-package design, which is a common design option for Intel today. The silicon is located in a separate package interposer located on top of the main circuit board. In addition to the Xeon W-3175X, the Cooper Lake-SP looks much larger and therefore requires a larger socket (LGA 4189) to accommodate it compared to the next generation Xeon Cascade Lake-SP (LGA 3647).

Intel Xeon Gold 5320H Cooper Lake is discovered and digged out

According to the images, the matrix looks almost identical to the HCC matrix that appears on Cascade Lake SP chips. We’re not sure how that’s possible. The Intel Cooper Lake-SP Xeon CPU family is already on sale and shipping, while Ice Lake-SP is expected to be shipped in late 2020.