Intel Introduces Three New Optane 900P SSDs

Intel has introduced three new Intel Optane SSD 900P SSDs in 480GB and 240GB capacities, both of which are available in PCIe or U2 version only at 240GB. These new units stand out for being oriented (according to Intel) to the gaming sector, with sequential read speeds up to 2500 MB / s and sequential write up to 2000 MB / s.

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Intel Introduces Three New Optane 900P SSDs

Intel Introduces Three New Optane 900P SSDs

These units have been manufactured with the new NAND chips Intel 3D Xpoint and will cost about € 800 for the 480GB version, while the 240GB version should be able to be purchased slightly above € 450.

Here is a summary of the specifications:

Intel Optane 900P Specifications

  • Read:
    • Sequential: up to 2500 MB / s
    • Random (8GB Span): up to 550000 IOPS
    • Random (100% Span): 550000 IOPS
  • Write:
    • Sequential: up to 2000 MB / s
    • Random (8GB Span): up to 500000 IOPS
    • Random (100% Span): 500000 IOPS
  • Latency:
    • Read: 10 μs
    • Write: 10 μs
  • Power:
    • Active: 14W
    • Idle: 5W
  • Vibration:
    • Operating: 2.17 GRMS (5-700 Hz)
    • Non-Operating: 3.13 GRMS (5-800 Hz)
  • Shock (Operating and Non-Operating):
    • 480GB: 50G (11ms)
    • 240GB (U.2 and HHHL): 1,000 G (0.5 ms)
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0 ° C to 70 ° C
  • Endurance Rating (Lifetime Writes):
    • 480GB: 8.76 GB Written
    • 240GB (U.2 and HHHL): 5.11 PB Written
  • Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF): 1,600,000 hours
  • Uncorrectable Bit Error Rate (UBER): 1 sector per 1017 bits read
  • Warranty Period: 5 yrs



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