Intel announces Ice Lake second generation 10nm processors

Intel continues to develop and introduce new platforms. While we await the imminent departure of Kaby Lake-X and Skylake-X and the future Coffee Lake. This time it’s about Ice Lake. The new 10nm processors that will replace Cannon Lake, whose production will begin later this year.

In this way Ice Lake becomes the second generation of CPUs in 10nm of the company, being Cannon Lake the first. Basically, the building blocks of the design are in the later stages. This leads to nothing starting the physical production of the initial wafer samples, followed by mass production.

Intel announces Ice Lake second generation 10nm processors

Ice Lake Will Replace Coffee Lake Processors?

The generation of Cannon Lake will end up as U series and laptop Y chips. And in the second half of 2018, we would see desktop processors based on Ice Lake 10nm. These processors differ from Coffee Lake in that the latter is still based on a 14nm node. Although it is rumored that they would get up to an extra 15% of IPC against their predecessors Skylake and Kaby Lake.

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Coffee Lake, in turn, will come accompanied by a new socket and a new chipset (H370, Z370). It is also known that Intel would be working on Gemini Lake. That is the substitute for Apollo Lake in SoCs of low consumption and economic price.