Intel will be exhibiting its 11th generation graphics processor at GDC 2019

Intel has worked hard in recent years to enter the GPU industry and prepare to deliver a 2x performance boost per clock with its next generation of integrated graphics processors.

Intel will be exhibiting its 11th generation graphics processor at GDC 2019
This new iGPU series will be launched in 2019, and Intel expects game developers to develop their products with Intel graphics in mind. At GDC 2019, Intel’s Michael Apodaca will lead a session that will explore the company’s new graphics architecture and explain the “innovative features” and new “building blocks” of 11th-generation technology. At GDC, we will learn how these changes will impact gaming performance, giving us an idea of what will happen to iGPUs built into core processors for years to come.

Intel’s Gen11 graphics solutions will be developed using the company’s 10nm manufacturing process and integrated into the CPUs that they are going to bring to market in 2019, providing 2x higher performance per clock compared to their current Gen9 offerings. The Gen10 will be omitted, probably due to long-term delays in Intel’s 10nm nodes and Cannon Lake processors.

Performance per clock will not only improve, but will also have up to 64 runtimes, an enormous increase over the 24 units of the current Gen9 (Skylake) and Gen9.5 (Kaby Lake/Coffee Lake) processors. It is said that the new Intel GPUs would provide up to 1 TFLOP of raw performance, with the ability to also process HDR.

Intel is expected to finally start developing graphics cards for professionals, workstations and games by 2020, so we will have a third competitor in this area alongside AMD and NVIDIA.


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