Intel Coffee Lake vs Cannon Lake, will it be worth to wait?

Watchou Intel Coffee Lake vs Cannon Lake. If you’re thinking of buying a new Coffee Lake machine, you might want to wait until the Intel Cannon Lake launch. This reflection may have already been made, and that is why you have arrived at the article, we will give you the keys to help you make the decision.

Coffee Lake vs Cannon Lake, Intel Coffee Lake vs Cannon Lake, will it be worth to wait?, Optocrypto

Intel Coffee Lake vs. Cannon Lake, will it be worth to wait?

If you have an older, perhaps dual-core system, you may want to upgrade your CPU. Intel’s latest generation comes with quad-core as the standard in the processor range, up to six cores for the higher end processors.

Are you sure you’re looking for the Cannon Lake?
First of all, we remind you that Cannon Lake is the architecture for laptops. So if you’re thinking of renewing your desktop computer, you’ll have to wait for Ice Lake. Processors that do not yet have an exit date.

Intel is having problems with the 10 nm manufacturing process, and it is being delayed time after time. So there is no way to know when the processors will be released. But what we do know is that they will not be released before the end of the year.

Intel Coffee Lake

Whether or not you need to change it depends not only on the hardware but also on how you use your PC.

Whether or not you make the switch to Intel Coffee Lake depends on what uses you are planning to make of the new processor. And what hardware you currently have. If you plan to play with your computer and have a 3.5 GHz quad-core processor, you have enough for a year or two more. The differences between the new generation and your CPU are not that big.

Also, If you are a content creator and require the extra cores. So, Coffee Lake is the first range of processors with six cores and twelve threads. That will make your computer go smoothly with the programs you use.

If you’re looking for an improvement in the IPC and the change in the processor means something, you’ll have to wait for Ice Lake. Because although we don’t know everything Intel will offer us in them, we know that there will be changes as the manufacturing process changes.

If you have an ancient processor on your computer, now might be the time to upgrade. And get your computer running as you wish.

Coffee Lake vs Cannon Lake, Intel Coffee Lake vs Cannon Lake, will it be worth to wait?, Optocrypto

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