Intel launches its eighth generation of Coffee Lake processors

After nearly two months of talking about them, Intel Coffee Lake. The eighth generation of Intel processor has been coming to the store after a long time. And it has been a real improvement in the mainstream segment, far from the minimum improvements in IPC. And frequencies to which the blue company accustomed us. The main new feature in the eighth-generation processors are the six-core processors, a two-core upgrade versus top-of-the-range generations. That obviously greatly improves the multi-core potential of these new CPUs.

Intel officially announces its eighth-generation Coffee Lake processors

Intel launches its eighth generation of Coffee Lake processors

Eighth generation of Coffee Lake processors specifications

The new Intel Core i7 8700 and 8700K processors feature six cores and twelve processing threads thanks to Hyperthreading technology. So, both featuring 12MB cache and 3.2 / 4.6Ghz and 3.7 / 4.7Ghz base/boost frequencies respectively. As you may have noticed, the fact of having more cores has meant having to lower the base frequencies to limit consumption within the 95W TDP of the new top of the range, while the non-K version is forced to lower to 3.2Ghz to keep your 65W.

Intel Core i3-8350K “Coffee Lake” 4-core performance

In the mid-range, we will find the new Intel Core i5 8600K and 8400 with six cores, but without Hyperthreading. The L3 cache of these has been reduced to 9MB, whereas in the section of frequencies we speak of 3.6 / 4.6Ghz for the new i5 K, while the new i5, not K is 2.8 / 4 GHz. The new i5 8600K retains the TDP of 95W, while the new i5 8400 will be 65W.

Finally, in the low range, we will have the new Intel Core i3 8350K and 8100, processors that improve compared to their predecessors including four physical cores without Hyperthreading. So, turning them into a Core i5 species of the previous generation. These new processors do not have Boost, and have frequencies of 4Ghz and 3.6Ghz respectively, along with an L3 cache of 8 and 6MB. The new i3 K comes with a TDP of 91W, while its non-K version retains a TDP of 65W.


The new processors arrive accompanied by a new chipset series 300 that gives life to the new plates Z370. This time Intel will not launch its low, medium or professional range until mid-2018 when the Z370 will be replaced by the new Z390. The bad news is no doubt that the 100 series or 200 series boards are not compatible with the new Coffee Lake processors. Because they have a different power pin configuration. In the same way, the processors Skylake or Kaby Lake also cannot be installed in the new plates Z370.

Intel Core i7 8700K Coffee Lake reaches to 4.3GHz

As for prices, the recommended price line for the new Coffee Lake processors should be similar to the current Kaby Lake, although it will depend on the stores adjusting it while they are finishing the stock of the seventh generation.


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