Intel officially announces its eighth-generation Coffee Lake processors for desktop PCs

This new family features the first Intel Core i5 6-core desktop processor and the first 4-core Intel Core i3 desktop processor. The family offers a wide range of consumer performance options with unlocked “K” processors delivering the best performance and up to 40 PCIe, 3.0 lanes for system expansion in graphics, storage and I / O. These processors are compatible with the new Intel Z370 chipset motherboards.

The top model of this new family is the Intel Core i7-8700K, the best processor in the mainstream desktop platform designed by Intel. It is able to get the maximum frequency of 4.7 GHz running on a single core thanks to Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 technology, making it a tremendously powerful processor for both single and multi-threaded applications.

Thanks to its 6 cores and 12 threads of processing, it offers the best performance in both video games and demanding tasks such as creating content for virtual reality. When editing video in 4K and 360º resolution is 32% faster than the previous generation and 65% faster than processors three years ago. Gamers will also revel in these new processors offering up to 25 percent more frames per second in popular, demanding games like Gears of War 4.

We come up on Monday with Intel’s official announcement of its eighth-generation Intel Coffee Lake processors. Which, as you will know from the amount of news published from them, revolutionize core counting for Intel’s mainstream platform. By offering a new Core i7 top of the range with six cores and twelve threads based on this new architecture. But not all changes come to the i7 range, as the i5 range also happens to have six physical cores without HyperThreading. So they are left in six threads and the i3 range now offers four cores and four threads.

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Coffee Lake processors Hyperthreading

Clearly, we see that by making sense of the entire line of processors has disappeared a version of four cores and eight threads. Something understandable if we consider that the new i5 could find problems with these processors that would have two additional threads, but two physical nuclei less. A strange situation without a doubt.


Coffee Lake processors Pricing comparison

The second interesting fact revealed are the prices for all models, discrediting the rumors that spoke of a price of more than 400 dollars for the new Intel Core i7 8700K, which will finally arrive with a recommended price of 359 dollars, followed by the version no-K for $ 303. The new Intel Core i5 8600k will sell for a recommended price of $ 257, while the new Intel Core i5 8400 will do so for $ 182. Finally, the new Core i3 8350K will go on sale for $ 168, while the new i3-8100 low-end processor will do so for $ 117.

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Intel officially announces its eighth-generation Coffee Lake processors for desktop PCs


This new price line is a clear advantage over its predecessors based on Kaby Lake architecture, as the new line i3 corresponds to the old i5 but now with higher CPI. While the new i5 now offer two more cores for similar prices and the new i7 range offers two cores and four additional wires. A clear attack on AMD Ryzen made a little rush due to the arrival of the new platform Z370, which will arrive without low- or medium-range boards until mid-2018 when they will arrive next to the new Z390 chipset.

The first Intel Coffee Lake-S appears on SiSoft Sandra

Coffee Lake processors Overclocking Frequencies

As for frequencies, the new Intel Core i7 8700K reaches 3.7 GHz, arriving with Turbo Boost up to 4.7Ghz with a TDP of 95W. While the new Intel Core i5 8600K starts from the 3.6 GHz reaching the 4.3 GHz and the new Intel Core i3 8350K starts with a frequency of 4Ghz. Although its Turbo Boost frequencies have not been unveiled. All of them have native support for DDR4 memory at 2666 Mhz except for the new Core i3 that will keep DDR4-2400

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Intel officially announces its eighth-generation Coffee Lake processors for desktop PCs


Coffee Lake processors Special for Z370 Motherboards

As for the Z370 platform, the new features are minimal. In fact, the new chipset is based on the same Kaby Lake-PCH, so we will find new Z370 boards that will basically be a new version of the Z270, only compatible with the new Coffee Lake processors, since we will not be able to install the new processors in plates with series 100 or series 200 chipsets, nor install Skylake or Kaby Lake processors in the new plates Z370.

Intel Core i7 8700K Coffee Lake reaches to 4.3GHz

Finally, Intel tells us that the new Eighth Generation processors are better for overclocking (though than say it does not recommend it) by offering core overclocking, enhanced processor power delivery, and real-time memory latency controls.


Intel officially announces its eighth-generation Coffee Lake processors for desktop PCs

Here, we are looking forward to testing Intel’s new Coffee Lake processors, especially putting the new Core i5 on eight-core and quad-core processors to see how much better these processors can bring. Are you going to change our readers with Coffee Lake?