Intel announces new 144-layer 3D NAND and Optane drives

Intel announced its upcoming next-generation Optane and SSD products, including the Optane SSD P5800X, Optane H20 data center products, and the SSD D7-P5510, D5-P5316, and 670p, which are Intel’s first products with 144-layer NAND modules.

Intel announces new Optane and 3D 144-layer NAND

The Intel Optane P5800X promises a significant improvement over the Optane DC P4800X, with a 3x performance increase in random read/write workloads, peaking at 1.5 million 4K random IOPS, and 3x sequential read/writes performance, peaking at 7.2 GB/s.

Write endurance is also significantly improved with 67% over the previous generation. This results in a value of 100 writes per day (DWPD), which is the highest reliability of an SSD on the market. SSDs with around 10 DWPDs are common, so Intel has done a phenomenal job of increasing durability on these Optane SSD P5800X drives.

Intel 3D NAND and Optane drives

Among the most outstanding products is the first 144-layer NAND SSD. There are three units in total; the 670p, which uses 3D NAND QLC, meant for the regular user. The D7-P5510, which is designed with 144-layer NAND TLC modules (in this case, the world’s first), and the D5-P5316, which is also based on a 144-layer QLC NAND module.

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For more information, visit Intel’s official website.