Intel Cascade Lake-AP (MCM chip) appears on the official Intel website

The official Intel website has listed a number of new Cascade Lake processors for the Xeon family of servers. The processors listed include the Cascade Lake-SP and Cascade Lake-AP series for the HPC and data centre markets.

Intel Cascade Lake-AP (MCM chip) appears on the official Intel website
Intel Cascade Lake-AP will be the first Advanced Processor chip

The two processor families that are listed by Intel are part of the Cascade Lake family manufactured at 14 nm. As far as we know, the Cascade Lake family not only reaches the data centres but also aspires to the ultra-high-end desktop market with a new line of products that Intel is creating. Basically, we are seeing that Xeon Platinums is being redesigned for very enthusiastic users.

Cascade Lake-AP

The chips listed by Intel:


  • Intel Cascade Lake-AP “Advanced” (BGA 5903)
  • Intel Cascade Lake-SP (LGA 3647)
  • Intel Cascade Lake-X “HEDT Consumer Family” (LGA 3647)


Other line-ups that are expected to replace the Cascade Lake family also appeared and include:

  • Ice Lake Xeon-D (BGA 2579)
  • Ice Lake-SP (LGA 4189)
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Both Cascade Lake-SP and Cascade Lake-X processors will be compatible with the LGA 3647 socket. Both families will have support for 6-channel memory and we can also expect faster memory support from DDR4-2800 (native). Cascade Lake-SP processors will be the first to offer Optane DIMM support, which would be available later this year.

For Cascade Lake-AP, the new family will be the first to use the Advanced Processor badge with the MCM (Multi-Chip-Module) approach. Cascade Lake’s line of advanced processors is trying to recover against EPYC AMD, which offers more cores, more memory and more PCIe tracks while maintaining Intel’s IPC level.

The price would be really high for these chips and the new CPUs will be packaged in the BGA 5903 format only. We should expect them only next year.