GTA VI, Take-Two financial statement hints to a possible release before April 2024

It is enough to say that GTA VI has many fans scrambling for possible news or updates. It’s been almost 10 years since GTA V came out, and fans of Rockstar Games’ flagship franchise are wondering: what will happen with the next installment?

The thing is, between GTA IV and GTA V, there was only a 5-year wait. Today, after almost twice as many years have passed, there is still no official news about it. However, according to some analysts, it is believed that 2023 will be the final release date.

Apparently, they discovered this from a memo that Take-Two released as part of its planned acquisition of Zynga. The press release read as follows:

GTA VI, GTA VI, Take-Two financial statement hints to a possible release before April 2024, Optocrypto

Annual net revenue growth of 14% is expected for the combined company for the period through fiscal years 2021 to 2024 (excluding annual revenue opportunities from future acquisitions).

According to a report by Axios, a Jeffries analyst said there are only a few intellectual property rights (IPS) that offer Take-Two a sufficient profit margin for the company to be confident of such growth. So by 2024, at least one of Rockstar’s IPs should be released.

Doug Creutz, another Cowen analyst, was even more specific, saying that the projected profit margin of 9 billion could indicate that GTA VI will launch in the same fiscal year, which runs from April 2023 to March 2024. This more or less coincides with the release rumors that were circulating for 2023, according to a leaked hypothetical internal Rockstar statement.

Meanwhile, the release of GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition definitely didn’t go as expected. In short, it was a resounding failure. Rockstar hired Grove Street Games to outsource it, but the results were so disappointing that the company offered a free PC game to everyone who bought the game.

We’ll see if the release of the GTA V version for next-gen consoles goes better. Rockstar loves to port its games. The more times they port the same game, the better. This port, which is scheduled to be released in March 2022, will offer a variety of technical, visual, and performance improvements to better exploit the potential of the new hardware and make the game better and better.

If the rumors are confirmed, we would have a date to announce before the end of this year. And if the analysts’ calculations are correct, GTA VI could be released next year or the year after next at the latest.

GTA VI, GTA VI, Take-Two financial statement hints to a possible release before April 2024, Optocrypto

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