GTA 6: Latest information including possible release date of new Grand Theft Auto

Expected by all video game fans, Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6 or GTA VI) is the subject of many rumors. Some of them are beginning to come true. A classic video game, GTA is the favorite of many console owners. Its sixth installment is due for release. It promises to be fun!

GTA 6 Release date

Despite numerous rumors, nothing is certain about the release date of GTA 6, but we can still make assumptions.

Sony PS5 and GTA 6 at CES 2020

After CES 2020, where Sony revealed only the PlayStation 5 logo and not a full presentation of its upcoming console, many gamers would have liked to see some of the names of the launch games and why not a GTA 6. In fact like a leak on Reddit, for some time supported by numerous rumors that Rockstar Games would wait for the next generation of consoles to release the next episode of Grand Theft Auto.

Rockstar Games has not yet announced the release date of GTA VI. But that doesn’t stop the fans of the popular video game from multiplying the rumors. In fact, it is one of the most anticipated titles in recent years. So it’s not surprising that it is making headlines. Starting with the English website Reddit. An internet user named “herenthere4six” has revealed several exclusions.

GTA 6 New City Maps

According to this anonymous source, a big change is imminent. There should indeed be a large map in GTA VI. This would mean that the player could explore more than one city. For this new game, fans should be able to roam the streets of Vice City and Carcer City. The latter is a brand new city inspired by Boston.

GTA VI New Game Play Story

The mysterious surfer also reveals that the game will be more realistic than the previous ones. GTA VI should indeed take into account several weather conditions such as pollution or fog. However, little information about the characters is available. We might want to get a brother and sister. One of them could be an undercover cop. “herenthere4six” finally revealed a story that was so juicy that it was deleted by Reddit. The player should be able to escape the missions in this game in different ways.

There is also a somewhat odd rumor in the favor of the players. GTA VI can take place outside the United States. This rumor has its roots in the gifts Rockstar Games gives to its employees. The company has given its employees badges with the Jamaican and Colombian flags.

A release date for GTA 6 in 2020?

Even if the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be released by the end of 2020, there is no real indication that GTA 6 will be among the launch games. In fact, according to various rumors and leaks, the game is still at a fairly early stage of development. It is, therefore, more likely that GTA 6 will wait another year or two for release to fully exploit the possibilities of the new console generation.

Although rumors following the release on Instagram of the partnership between American rap group City Morgue and Rockstar Games suggested a release date of summer 2020, this information would suggest a new channel for GTA 5 rather than a new game. In addition, GTA 5 still benefits from regular updates for its online mode, including the Diamond Casino heist released in December, so it seems that Rockstar Games still has things in store for the current Grand Theft Auto.

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