Grand Theft Auto Space, the mod that intends to take GTAV to the space

No doubt Grand Theft Auto 5is a game that stands out for its modification. And today we talk about its second news regarding changes. And today we have been able to know the new mod of the model SollaHolla, Grand Theft Auto Space. That intends to take us to the outer space in missions of the NASA.

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That is Grand Theft Auto Space, which takes our activities to outer space with four new missions. That is pulling the thread of the remains of a spaceship found in the original game and adding these new missions that will face us in outer space to meet the Extraterrestrial creatures that have been watching the earth for a millennium.

Grand Theft Auto Space Interstellar travel in GTA 5

In the trailer presented by the modder, we could see some scenes of the missions. There is a space shuttle, lunar vehicles, battles against aliens and several planets available. The modder has promised interstellar travel and new physical gravity 0 for this mod, which very ambitiously will expand the original content of the game. So we will have an amazing experience with this MOD.

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