The DxO ONE camera finally in Android version

The interest around news such as the filtration that shows the three cameras of the expected Huawei Mate 10 Pro makes clear the importance of cameras and the world of photography for today’s mobile users. Just that is the target market for the product we discussed below, a camera that many expected it to be available for Android.

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The DxO ONE camera finally in Android version

If you do not know the ONE camera manufactured by DxO, you can not miss this article. In short, this is a camera designed to bring the highest quality professional quality to your day-to-day smartphone, but it is not a camera alone, but a gadget that will get its maximum performance next to your smartphone.

The concept of DxO ONE

The DxO ONE is a small camera (it fits in a shirt pocket) that nevertheless incorporates a sensor of 1 inch, something that allows you to have nothing to envy to other semi-professional cameras of greater size. If we add the ability to connect with a smartphone and an application that offers us the management of infinite parameters, we have the DxO ONE.

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The target audience of this brand new gadget is a user who loves photography, high demands. And who do not always like to carry on with a team of medium or large dimensions? The DxO ONE has therefore been thought of like an off-road camera. So, it is a device that you can carry everywhere (it fits in your pants pocket). And is ready to work by connecting it with a simple gesture.

The DxO ONE camera finally in Android version

It is true that in the mobile terminal market we find more than one proposal with a high-performance camera. Also, one might ask if this DxO ONE honestly can be competitive and see a potential user group. The truth is that the lovers of photography will notice the difference. And will discover that the current flagship can not offer today that quality that we comment.


Arriving Android

While it is likely that many users of Apple products already know this camera. Also, Android users will soon have the opportunity to have it. From SlashGear, we confirm that next week they will launch the version with the USB-C connection. That will make it suitable for Android, thus joining the existing text with a lightning connection.



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