Xiaomi Cas, next smartphone will be equipped with a camera with 120x zoom

It seems that Xiaomi, under the code name “Cas”, is behind further improving its photo marketing strategy with a terminal equipped with one of the most advanced cameras we’ve seen so far.

Following the launch of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth Edition with its large 100x zoom, new evidence seems to suggest that Xiaomi would be working on a new terminal equipped with a camera with 120x digital zoom.

Using a periscope-like system, this so-called Xiaomi case would not only achieve a 120x digital zoom, but also a spectacular 12x optical zoom. In this way, we would be looking at the Xiaomi smartphone with the best zoom, which also uses a new sensor called “HM2”.

Xiaomi Cas, next smartphone will be equipped with a camera with 120x zoom

Considering that Xiaomi started to revolutionize the mobile photography market with the Xiaomi Mi CC9 and the 108MP, everything suggests that this “Xiaomi Cas” would probably end up becoming the Xiaomi Mi CC10.

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The new Mi Note 11 or CC10 would come with 120x zoom courtesy of Xiaomi Cas

As with the previous generation, this Xiaomi Mi CC10 could become the next Xiaomi Mi Note 11, with new rumors about the Snapdragon 775G, a processor not yet introduced by Qualcomm but debuting along with the Xiaomi smartphone.

In the end, it seems that Xiaomi is still lagging behind in the realization of the perfect smartphone in terms of photography. It did so with the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, then with the Xiaomi Mi 10, and it looks like we’ll soon see a revolutionary new terminal.