LG has a new patent for mobile phone with 16 rear view cameras

For almost a week now, the South Korean company LG has had a new patent in which it presents an intelligent smartphone concept with a total of 16 cameras in the form of a matrix on the back.

LG has a new patent for mobile phone with 16 rear view cameras

The idea is that these cameras can work either individually or together. Note that each of these cameras has a different field of view. This concept opens many creative possibilities in the field of mobile photography.

Among other things, you can shoot the same lens from different angles. In addition, it would also be possible to replace one object with another in the same scene, and even if there are cases of facial changes, there may even be shots of 3D images as defined in the patent itself, first discovered by Let´s Go Digital.

What we still don’t know is whether LG will ever put its patent into practice, even though we’re currently finding models of phones with four cameras in the background, like Samsung’s Galaxy S9, although it’s also starting to appear filtrations of images and videos from Nokia 9, which rumors and filtrations say could take a total of five rear-view cameras.




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