DDR5, new standard for RAM with a much higher frequency than DDR4

DDR5 is a new standard for RAM dice, which has not yet been finally adopted. We have received new information from one of the manufacturers of such memories, namely SK Hynix. According to the information we have received, the DDR5 is expected to have a much higher operating frequency than the existing RAM type.

JEDEC has not yet completed work on the DDR5 standard, but it is still taking big steps. SK Hynix, one of the memory manufacturers, announced interesting information in an official press release. Among other things, they concern the structure of new RAM types and the frequency of work.

DDR4 has a frequency range of 1600-3200 MHz. Although there are faster chips on the market, these go beyond the standard. In the case of DDR5, it will be 3200-8400 MHz. So the fastest chips offer really high throughput. The SK Hynix wants all its memories to initially operate at 4800 MHz.

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We also know that the increased capacity of DDR5 is the result of a 32-bank structure spread over 4 or 8 banking groups. In DDR4 there are 16 banks. The new standard also supports the Same Bank Refresh method, which allows independent updating of banks. New cubes are expected next year. Hynix SK plans to start production before the end of 2020.