Apple is working on a handheld console to compete with Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a success on the market, it has even been the best-selling console in the world for months. It seems that this success has inspired other companies to work on an alternative to the Switch. One of these companies is Apple. Rumors are growing that the Cupertino-based company is working on a portable console.

Apple is working on a handheld console to compete with Nintendo Switch

This console would also offer a hybrid design, so we can connect it to the TV. So it would be a direct competitor for the Nintendo Switch.

Apple has also been preparing its platform for months with the launch of exclusive games for it. As well as the arcade subscription service that the company plans to expand in these months. All this is interpreted as paving the way for the launch of a portable console in the near future, although at the moment it is not known when this portable console could be launched. It seems that the company has been working on this project for months.

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Also, the company has already made some agreements with studios that would help them launch this new console. In fact, there are already alternatives to popular games on the Nintendo Switch. So, the company would try to do as much damage as possible to Nintendo’s console when it launches this console in stores.

Apple confirms that the event will take place on Oct. 18

It is not yet known what Apple’s handheld console will be called and when it will be launched. Some media speculate that it was supposed to launch last year, but the pandemic has changed the company’s plans. We will have to wait and see to find out more about their plans and if it is true that we can expect this console soon.