PS5 and Scarlett should learn from Switch according to Japanese developer

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been at the forefront of the current generation of consoles for years, each with its own success, but in recent months we’ve seen Nintendo Switch begin to deliver differentiated results. Still, it is logical to think about Sony and Microsoft beauties, PS5 and Scarlett, if they decided to learn from the hybrid console.

PS5 and Scarlett should learn from Switch according to Japanese developer

Switch on the top being unique portability vs. Ps5 and Xbox Scarlett


“This said Takuya Aizu, president of Inti Creates, in an interview with colleagues from VGC: “Whatever the new systems offer, they will have to make experiences that you can only enjoy when you get them. I think, especially with the Switch precedent, it is more important than ever to have the ability to be unique. This impression of Aizu-san comes from the reality that Nintendo Switch has unique features that no other system has seen before.”

“I think Switch has taken up all that space in terms of portability. I think the only console that needs to be portable is the potential successor to Switch. If another company develops its own portable hybrid, it won’t be able to compete with what Nintendo will bring next because it has already built that incredible user base. Consequently, Mr Aizu believes that the exclusive PS5 and Scarlett coverable products will ultimately be critical to their health, especially at a time when it seems increasingly difficult to get absolute exclusives.”

So the idea presented by the President of Inti Creates is simple and clear: PS5 and Scarlett will need reasons to justify their purchase, and they should focus on offering unique experiences or features. If they’re not far enough from the goal, Aizu-san thinks there’s a pretty good chance they’ll lead to a poor launch.

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