The Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to arrive this year

The Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to arrive this year

Rumors about the second generation Nintendo Switch have been around for months. The company has never confirmed anything and in many cases claimed that it would take a long time for this second console to hit the market. It seems that in the end we won’t have to wait that long, as it will be launched this year.

Nintendo Switch 2 will be on the market this year

However, the improvements that this new console will bring won’t be as significant as many expect. It is not expected that there will be significant changes in this new generation.

The Nintendo Switch 2 is expected to arrive this year

New Generation

There are many doubts about the New Nintendo Switch, but the company is expected to launch it this year. It will be a second generation, but it will act as a sort of transitional model. Since no major changes or improvements are expected, there won’t be a big jump in performance or a better screen, for example. Current features will be improved, but little else.

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The company will improve the performance of the current console, but without really considering it as a next-generation product. The reason for this strategy, which seems a bit strange on paper, is that the console still brings the company enormous revenue, which it will not forgo even with new releases.
The release planned for this year will therefore act as an extension of the original Nintendo Switch, but without being next-gen. So it will simply be an update waiting for the real second generation in a few years, which will make a leap in quality and performance. We’ll see if these rumors are true or false.

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