It’s official: Fortnite arrives at Nintendo Switch

Fortnite is the most successful game on the market today. Nintendo Switch is the most popular system of the moment. That’s why it was something that was eagerly awaited, that the most popular game would be available on the console of the moment. It has finally been confirmed. Something that’s been going around for the last couple of weeks.

It’s official: Fortnite arrives at Nintendo Switch

The game is now available on most platforms, with the exception of Android phones and the Nintendo system. But the console can now enjoy the popular game. Since 11:00 p.m. on June 12, we’ve been on the road for an hour.

Nintendo Switch Now Enjoys Fortnite

In addition, for interested users, there is good news, announced in this E3 2018. Because the game comes with the Battle Royale mode, where 100 players take on each other on a smaller and smaller map, and the last player left alive wins. It has undoubtedly been one of the keys to the success of the game in its arrival on the world market.

Fortnite for Nintendo Switch is free, as you’d expect. Players who are interested in it can download it from the Nintendo eShop, from the console directly. Inside the game, you can shop in the currency of the game, the well-known V-Bucks.

Without a doubt a moment of great importance for the users, who had been waiting for this moment for some time. But finally, the most popular game of the year will be available on the Nintendo system. Are you going to download it?


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