AMD Big Navi to be launched in November without HBM2

The rumor suggests a release in Q4 2020 and we have some information about Big Navi. More rumors have surfaced about AMD’s RDNA 2 “Navi 2X” GPUs that will power the next generation of Radeon RX graphics cards.

AMD Big Navi would be released in November and would rely on the GDDR6 memory

The information rumored to come from AquariusZi (via @davideneco), who is a well-known name in the technology community on the PTT forums. The user was the first to comment on the expected die sizes of AMD’s RDNA-2 GPUs and has now shed some more light on what we can expect from them.

This is the second rumor that seems to indicate that the first AMD RDNA 2 or Big Navi GPU for the Radeon RX graphics card segment will be released in the last quarter. The source refers to the market launch in November and also mentions that there are no orders for the Navi GPU yet. This indicates that we could only get a reference model at launch and that special third party models will arrive sometime later, which could be disappointing.

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The second piece of information concerns the memory design, and the source says that RDNA-2 GPUs, at least the video game variants, will not get HBM2 memory or a 2.5D design. Previously it was reported that Radeon RX graphics cards based on big Navi GPUs would have 16GB of GDDR6 memory with a 512-bit memory interface. This would essentially double the memory capacity and bus size of the Navi 10.

AMD Big Navi to be launched in November without HBM2

AMD will most likely retain GDDR6 memory for its next generation of gaming graphics cards, but we can see a variant for workstations or professionals that have HBM2 memory.

Finally, according to AquariusZi, the most important high-end RDNA-2 graphics cards will use the TSMC 7nm+ process node.