Big Navi would bring a huge increase in revenue for AMD

We have news from China: the improvement in performance that will be offered by “Big Navi” will be quite big. Inside we explain the details.

Big Navi would bring a huge increase in revenue for AMD

Rumors about the next generation of AMD Radeon graphics cards are widespread. Little is known so far, but it looks like RDNA 2 will be a heavy blow for NVIDIA in the mid-range. However, it seems that AMD has big plans for its next generation of graphics cards. They are saying this from China.

Big Navi will get a very high-performance boost

In the beginning, we would like to contrast the information and put all the rumours that circulate in the big Navis into perspective. From China, they claim that RDNA 2 would increase the performance of the Radeon RX 5700 XT by up to 80%.

If this information is true, there would be a high-end AMD GPU that would offer higher performance than an RTX 2080Ti, namely 30%. They also claim that the price of this alleged graphics card would be up to $999. So there’s no better way to base our review on the RX 5700 XT.

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It’s true that it was close to the RTX 2080 in some benchmarks, but it was far from the RTX 2080Ti. In video games, we saw different results, with the RTX 2080Ti being the best on almost all titles. When we went up in resolution, the results were worse for the AMD GPU. We can’t give much validity to this information because the difference seems huge to us.

So we believe that RDNA 2 will improve performance over the current generation. It would be another thing to say that the next big Navi graphics card will offer better performance than the current RTX 2080Ti.

AMD could decide to release a high-end model to compete with the RTX 3080 for example. But the price couldn’t be much higher, because that would mean losing the essential that AMD is now in the spotlight for an excellent price/performance ratio.