AMD Navi 12 with RDNA architecture could be targeted for mining cryptocurrencies

According to the leak, one of the chips would be Navi 12, which we have only seen exclusively in the Radeon Pro 5600M for Apple’s MacBook. This had 2560 stream processors, 8 GB of HBM2 memory, and a bandwidth of 394 GB/s with a TDP of 50 W.

A new rumor indicates that AMD is working on GPUs that will focus on mining cryptocurrencies and will be based on the RDNA architecture. After rumors of a possible “Navi 10 blockchain GPU” circulated in October 2020, it is now suggested that the red team would launch a new chip-based on Navi 12 to compete with NVIDIA CMP.

While these new graphics chips would be based on RDNA, which is a slightly legacy architecture, it is still based on a 7nm manufacturing process from TSMC, which in other words means that each of these chips made for the cryptocurrency will include a graphics card, processor or console that will not be released. Therefore, this move will not improve the current stock, but it will improve AMD’s profits.

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AMD Navi 12 with RDNA architecture could be targeted for mining cryptocurrencies

Finally, the well-known leaker Komachi hinted that AMD was preparing to launch 3 models called RX 5700XTB, RX 5700B, and RX5500XTB. These would be in development since last November and would logically drop the Radeon name, as they are not products for video games, so they could create a new brand similar to NVIDIA’s CMP.

If confirmed, AMD will follow in NVIDIA’s footsteps and launch dedicated cryptocurrency mining chips that will impact GPU stock.