ALO Phone Future Smartphone Concept by Xiaomi Mi Mix Designer

ALO Phone: this is the future of the smartphone?

ALO Phone Future Smartphone Concept by Xiaomi Mi Mix Designer
ALO Phone

The smart phone industry is going very fast for about a couple of years and now landing at the stalemate. Apple, Samsung, Huawei and other manufacturers of phones and mobile devices seem to be running out of ideas. This is demonstrated by the latest generation of devices presented over the past few months, which are merely refinements of existing models. What is missing is the innovation itself, the revolution. In all new versions of popular companies there are majority the same functions.

Its Time for New Concept in Smartphone Era?

And if this new solution is so called the ALO Phone? What are we talking about? That is a smartphone concept from the designer Philippe Starck (author of “futuristic” design of the Xiaomi Mi Mix) and Jerome Olivet. The two designers have tried to “materialize” the features that may be incorporated into future phones. This new concept is like man machine interfacing via only voice commands.

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ALO Phone is a rather particular smartphone. The first real difference with the current smartphones is given by the total absence of the display. Another feature of this smartphone is the presence of a fully aluminum unibody body. And covered with a special resin able to adapt the grip of the hands so as to ensure a greater ergonomics. A key component of ALO Phone is the artificial intelligence that will allow the device to fulfill all the actions that today we do with our smartphone through the use of our voice. The designers who have realized this concept will work with Thomson to produce a prototype of this device. What do you think?

Although the device remains a concept right now, the team hopes to build a prototype with the help of Thomson.