what is cloud computing and how does it work

Before explaining what is cloud computing and how does it work, it is important to know the back end story of this new technology. Today, cloud computing technology is used in a wide variety of Web services and applications, for both personal and business purposes. It’s quite possible that, without realizing it, you’re using a cloud service every day. For example, using email on your smartphone or online storage service.

what is cloud computing and how does it work, what is cloud computing and how does it work, Optocrypto
what is cloud computing and how does it work

“Wondering! what is cloud computing and how does it work? Cloud computing is a technology and business service that enables users to access a variety of functionality, software and applications to more efficiently manage their data or that of their business and store their information on remote servers rather than on a local computer.”

Data privacy and security in cloud computing

In order to prevent the loss of information in the event of a failure of one of the network computers, copies are made in several places so that one copy of the information can always be accessed. Everything stored in the cloud is encrypted, providing security and preventing hackers from taking action.

To make it easier, let’s give an example, think of a service like Gmail. You can access it from any device without having to download it to your computer, tablet or mobile phone or worry about the storage capacity of your computer. Everything is processed, managed, updated and stored in the cloud over the Internet.

In addition, major steps have been taken in recent years to make the use of cloud computing services fully accessible to every type of user. As mentioned earlier, we will often use applications that use the cloud for multiple tasks without having to configure anything.


Because you don’t have to rely on local computers to store information, your business data is available in real-time from anywhere with an Internet connection. This has a number of benefits in managing communications and working time that translate into higher productivity. But what is behind this technology, how can our information be available from any device? Let’s take a look at how cloud computing essentially works.

Cloud Computing, how does it work?

There are 3 key elements to understanding how cloud computing works:

Frontend: the “client” side from which we interact with cloud computing services, either through a web browser or a specific application on each device. In most cases, it will be an interface that allows us to execute requests and actions, even if they are actually executed in the cloud.

Internet connection: the channel through which we can access cloud computing services from the front end. Sometimes there are applications that allow us to work offline and, when we reconnect to the network, synchronize our work and information with the cloud.

Backend: the “server” side, the computers that run the cloud computing applications and services and store the data. They are typically distributed across one or more data centers. A common scheme is to have a central server responsible for managing traffic and incoming requests commonly referred to as middleware.
In short, when we use a cloud computing service, as users we interact with the frontend (a web browser or application) that is connected over the Internet to the backend, where our requests are processed, the relevant applications and processes are executed, and a response is given to the frontend.

what is cloud computing and how does it work, what is cloud computing and how does it work, Optocrypto

What applications does Cloud Computing have?

There is a wide variety of cloud-based computing solutions, such as:

  • Email
  • Agendas and Calendars
  • Business management programs (ERP, CRM)
  • File storage and backup systems
  • Collaborative work equipment
  • Office suites
  • Virtual Desktops
  • E-commerce
  • Warehouse management and accounting programs

According to the simple operational concept described above, there are applications that take advantage of the possibilities of this technology to offer complete solutions that offer advantages such as ubiquity, high availability or data security. Whether you want to deploy a cloud computing application in your organization or migrate much of your enterprise’s technology infrastructure to the cloud, there are many services that can help.

what is cloud computing and how does it work, what is cloud computing and how does it work, Optocrypto

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