Users report problems with the Samsung Galaxy S9 display

When we all thought that Samsung would be able to claim his claim with his new Galaxy S9 and S9+ and forget the problems with earlier versions of the brand’s Galaxy S series, there were certain “drawbacks” that could change our minds.

Users report problems with the Samsung Galaxy S9 display

Users report problems with the Samsung Galaxy S9 display

Unfortunately, some issues have been reported with the Galaxy S9 display, specifically the Plus version of the terminal, which is already calling into question the brand’s reputation.

According to SlashGear, a group of users has reported in recent days that the touchscreen is not responding to touches, possibly due to the scanner, one of the essential components of the terminal.

According to users, some areas of the screen do not respond to keystrokes, in some cases has occurred at the top of the screen, so they have trouble downloading the notification bar.

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In other cases, they report that the bottom touchscreen is the one that has presented problems, right where the virtual keyboard appears. According to Redditor bobdurfob, the points that do not respond to the touches belong to the letters E, R and T. This can be very annoying.

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That is indeed not a significant problem, such as the reddish screen theme remembered or the fire from some terminals, but touch problems are not very common in branded devices. So far Samsung has not confirmed whether this problem is present in the S9+ or the S9+. What is clear is that the number of cases is increasing, but for the time being the solution presented by the authorized agents’ customer service department is to replace the mobile phone with a new one – taking advantage of the guarantee – but, according to the source, the problems persist.