Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 new design will let it use as second display

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 release is coming: New rumours attribute a special feature to the tablet – so users should be able to use the device as a second screen. This is supposedly made possible by the Dock Samsung DeX, which was introduced as early as 2017.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 new design will let it use as second display

Samsung DeX is to receive an update together with the introduction of the Galaxy Tab S4, reports SamMobile. Accordingly, the dock will allow the use of a second display in the future. If this rumour is true, users could use the company’s new tablet as a second screen, for example as it should be equipped with DeX support – a practical feature not only for on-the-go use.

Smartphone PC and tablet display

How exactly the Galaxy Tab S4 can be used as a second display is not yet known. Neither the original design nor the DeX Pad is designed to use the tablet as the screen of a digital workstation. Accordingly, it may be necessary to purchase external accessories, for example in the form of the book cover, which Samsung will probably release together with the tablet.

Samsung introduced the so-called “DeX Station” together with the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in spring 2017. With the appropriate dock, users can convert the high-end smartphone into a PC – provided they have a keyboard, mouse and display. Together with the Galaxy S9, the company introduced the “DeX Pad” in 2018, the successor of the “DeX Station”.

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The release date hold for IFA 2018?

The Galaxy Tab S4 is rumoured to run on Android 8.1 Oreo. The tablet’s screen probably measures 10.5 inches diagonally. The drive is probably a Snapdragon 835, which can also be found in the Galaxy S8, for example.

Samsung is expected to present the device at IFA 2018, which will take place in Berlin between August 31 and September 5. Samsung will probably release an update for DeX in the same period, which will also bring dual-display support to Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices.