Threadripper 7000 would increase the number of cores to 96

New information has surfaced about the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000, which is said to have a higher core count than the current generation. This new generation is targeted for 2023 and would be the PRO series for workstations.

Threadripper 7000 with Zen 4 architecture would have up to 96 cores

The Threadripper PRO 5000 series of Ryzen processors for workstations received the Threadripper PRO 5000, always with the Zen 3 core architecture. Now there is information about the possible successor, the Thredripper 7000 (PRO) series, which would feature the new Zen 4 cores.

This information comes amidst many doubts about the future of the series for the workstation and gaming segment. At the moment we have no news on the Threadripper 5000 series, only the announcement of the PRO series. The same goes for the new 7000 series, suggesting AMD has no intention of launching a non-PRO series for the enthusiast market.

According to information from MLID, the Threadripper PRO with Zen 4 architecture is already on the company’s new internal roadmap. Importantly, AMD is increasing the number of cores to 96, which is 50% more than the current series.

Threadripper 7000 would increase the number of cores to 96, Optocrypto

The Threadripper 7000 will be built on a 5nm node and Zen 4 cores, with all the implied improvements of this new architecture over Zen 3. No codename or specific release date has been given, but it’s possible we could see it available within the next year. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Threadripper 7000, Threadripper 7000 would increase the number of cores to 96, Optocrypto

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