Ryzen 7000 series appeared on HP official website with launch in 2022

Manufacturer HP has listed a new all-in-one PC that has a Ryzen 7000 in its specifications, a series that has not yet been announced by AMD. HP tends to have a practice of notifying hardware that is not yet on the market, and the mention of a Ryzen 7000 in one of its products is attracting attention.

AMD Ryzen 7000 mentioned by HP for its all-in-one PCs

To be honest, the likelihood of this being a typo is pretty high, but if not, it’s possible that AMD is skipping the Ryzen 6000 nomenclature for the APU series. In any case, none of this is clear, and we’ll have to wait for more information or a possible typo from the folks at HP.

Ryzen 7000

We assume that the next APUs based on the Rembrandt architecture with Zen 3+ cores and manufactured in a 6nm node will be named Ryzen 6000, which is the previous step to using Zen 4 cores.

HP’s listed 24- and 27-all-in-one desktops will also be offered with the 12th generation Intel series, codenamed Alder Lake. Non-K variants will probably be used as all-in-ones, the well-known power-saving Alder Lake P or M variants.

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AMD plans to launch a new series of Ryzen processors with 3D-V cache technology early next year, which increases the amount of memory cache. This will boost performance, especially in games, using the same Zen 3 architecture. AMD could have changed the nomenclature to Ryzen 7000 and left out the 6000, or it’s just a mistake by HP. Either way, we’ll find out soon enough.