The last of us part II: Voice actor depicts Joel as evil, posing Ellie as the protagonist

The Last Of Us Part II has been one of the most anticipated titles in the industry for years. Presented in 2016 at PlayStation Experience, Naughty Dog has been in the spotlight for almost three years. And despite the recent controversy surrounding the launch, it seems that Sony’s exclusivity is still making a name for itself, even though it’s not yet clear when it’s going to hit the market. Although Ashley Johnson, Ellie’s dubbing artist, was behind the rumor a few months ago, this time it’s Troy Baker, the actor, who brings Joel to life.

The last of us part II: Voice actor depicts Joel as evil, posing Ellie as protagonist
The last of us part II: Voice actor depicts Joel as evil, posing Ellie as the protagonist

During Manchester Comic-Con, the character’s voice actor, Troy Baker, stepped down to analyze Joel. And he thinks he’s more of a villain. “As he would say: I’m just a guy trying to survive.

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At the last comic-con in Manchester, Baker spoke about some of his future projects. The American actor is not only behind the Bruce Banner’s voice in the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers but also lends his skills to Joel, the star of The Last Of Us. Although this has not yet come out in any media related to the sequel, it is an open secret that this character will return. In fact, Neill Druckmann, director of the title, published the end of the shoot on his Twitter account a few months ago, including a photo of Baker and Johnson.

Joel: a character with different facets

When asked about Joel, the actor wanted to use a sentence from the character to define it: “I’m just a guy trying to survive. In addition, he says that while the players see David as the villain and Joel as the heroes, these are “just the heroes of their story. In addition, he assures that the protagonist “doesn’t see himself that way” and, according to Baker, has top priority “to survive another day”. Although those present were eager for answers, the actor could not give any details about the title yet to be expected.

The Last of Us 2 is missing from the PlayStation 2019

The Last Of Us Part II will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4, although it has no official release date, many rumors point to 2020 as the chosen year. Be that as it may, Sony will be releasing news about it in the future.


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