The last of us 2: PS5 presentation will explore stunning graphics

The Last of Us 2 is again in news. This time  At Gamestop Manager conference in Nashville, the new gameplay of the long-awaited Last of Us II game was shown. This is shown in a tweet. But what was shown exactly remains behind closed doors. The material shown apparently showed Stealth and how to use Clicker in its favor. Let’s hope that @Naughty_Dog doesn’t disappoint us towards the end…… Now that they have a trailer ready, they have to drop it within the next 3-4 weeks.

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It was difficult to say, but it took place in a dark environment. Only fire and flash lamps illuminated the surroundings. Probably look good in HDR. When we will see the new game material is still uncertain. But with Paris Game Week and next month’s Sprout Day, we’re in a good state of mind.

New Speculations of The Last of Us 2 Release Date

In Reddit, a user claims to have received privileged information about the upcoming blockbuster “The Last of Us Part 2” for PlayStation 5. They refer to the technique of the game and the importance of the title for the next generations of Sony consoles. Since the user himself has only been able to access this information through various corners, he should be viewed with caution for the time being.

According to alleged leaks, Sony plans to use The Last of Us Part 2 as an advertising drum for the PS5. The game will be shown during the presentation of the console to demonstrate what the new technology is capable of. In addition, a PS4 port with reduced graphics is probably considered safe.

Considering the excellence of previous Naughty Dog titles, the information given is not so far-fetched. So you may be curious to know how much truth there is in the end.


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