ShareAccount, to provide access to our user accounts without giving the password

Even though it is not recommended, many people today offer their passwords to friends and family for specific activities. Such as using your Netflix account. Today we talk about ShareAccount, an extension that allows us to give access to our user accounts without providing the password.

ShareAccount, to provide access to our user accounts without giving the password

ShareAccount Extension

The extension we speak of is compatible with Google Chrome. And once installed it will work on anywhere we need to log in. As we said before, the tool allows us to share our account without having to reveal our password. To achieve this, ShareAccount makes use of cryptography to ensure that only the recipient can access our account. Also, there is no server involved, and the extension is open-source.

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The operation is simple. And to share an account, it will be necessary that both users have the extension installed. Next, we will have to open the website whose login data we want to share and click on the extension button. The recipient will receive a code that we will have to use to confirm your access. Once this step is completed, you must click on the ” Share ” button. And send a newly generated code to the person who will access our account, since you will have to use it to log in from your computer.

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At this point, we can not deny the utility of ShareAccount. In addition, it is a tool that can become an indispensable ally for people who want to share their account with trusted people. That is without having to give the password. Also, you can install ShareAccount through the Chrome Web Store.