Pixel Buds are the first wireless headsets from Google

Google has understood after years of not monetizing Android that where the money is really in the hardware. And what will allow you to dodge a disaster with the sector of the internet advertising in continuous decline? That is why it has presented an atypical product for the company such as the headphones Pixel Buds, another product Made by Google.

Varjo 20/20 VR Headset Beats All with 70 M Pixel

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They are a model type pinganillo. Although they are sold with a leash that can be put to them not to lose them easily.

Google Pixel Home Control for Android System Update

They use Bluetooth connectivity, and have a rechargeable 120 mAh battery, with a range of around 5 hours. The recharge box has a USB type C connection and an internal 620 mAh battery.

They include a touch panel to interact with the paired phone, microphone and accelerometer. They work without problems with iOS and Android, although to use the Google Assistant you need a device with Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later. The Wizard will allow other actions such as for someone to talk on the phone and simultaneously translate what you are saying, listening through the Pixel Buds. You can also answer calls, request directions and recommendations to the Wizard, and control the music.

Its price is $ 159.

Google Pixel Buds Features

Headphones: Google Pixel Buds
Weight14 g
Presentation date04 Oct 2017
Estimated use5 h
Battery120 mAh
Technical characteristics
Additional features


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