Google Pixel Home Control for Android System Update

Google Pixel Home Control for Android System Update. Recently, Google is adding a new feature called “Pixel Home Control” to Google Assistant in its mobile phone Pixel Home Control. Which will allow users to control smart home devices through the Google Assistant a virtual assistant.

Google Pixel Home Control for Android System Update
Pixel Home Control

In the future, in addition to Google’s smart home equipment, if users buy other non-Google smart home equipment, the same can also enjoy the control of hardware by use of voice control convenience.

At present, Google Pixel mobile phone performance by the experience of those who have especially the voice assistant Google Assistant. This technology really enhances the people’s experience. Relative to the Amazon Echo or Dot which are just the indoor control. Here Pixel Home Control, the use of “smart hardware + smart phone” approach, starting technology from the indoor and outdoor aspects. Allowing users to more free and flexible way to control the Smart home equipment.

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Pixel Home Control For All android Devices?

Of course, Pixel phone is not Google’s only choice, most likely it is just a try. In the late times, Google may add “Home Control” function into the Android system. After all, in the world, the smart tablet system has nearly 9 percent of the market share. For Google and Words, this is a absolutely good to use the “trump card” by using Pixel Home Control.

The first is to achieve “open source”, unified smart home industry standards, to build intelligent home ECO-circle. From the current market situation, the majority of smart home manufacturers just closed their doors to do their own products. Bent on creating a dedicated to their own ecological circle, while ignoring the needs of users. After all, based on the performance of various products and cost , users are not likely to use only one product. So, in the hearts of most users that, with its face a number of mobile APP confusion, it is better to take one, or are not abandoned.