Ryzen 3000 & AMD Navi – Launching date & speculated news

The compilation of all news and rumors related to Ryzen 3000 could give us a better overview of the new AMD product. The latest news on AMD technologies is the hot topic of the day. Previously we had reported that there were expectations for AMD Navi 20 with ray tracing and extensive optimizations in the GCN architecture.

Ryzen 3000 & AMD Navi – Launching date & speculated news

Over the last few weeks news and details have become more and more prevalent. For example, the Ryzen 3000 generation with Zen 2 architecture will comprise a total of 10 models and will offer up to 16 cores at its launch in mid 2019 (presumably at the Computex fair on 28 May 2019). Also announced for this year is the third generation of Ryzen Threadripper processors. Same as Radeon VII, the Navi is being manufactured in 7 nanometers and represents the new AMD middle class; current rumors suggest its launch at Gamescom 2019.

And then we learned from various sources that the expected Ryzen 3000 is on its way to market launch, which is confirmed by the price reduction of Ryzen 2000, as AMD has lowered the price of Ryzen according to many news sources.

There have been few rumours or even official information about the upcoming Radeon graphics cards with Navi architecture which are manufactured in 7 nanometers. At the beginning of the year, AMD confirmed that the replacement of the old models would take place, but at that time they did not go into detail.

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Ryzen 3000 roadmap

Ryzen 3000 & AMD Navi – Launching date & speculated news

Known for its interesting leaks, the website now aims to have new information on the current state of the AMD GPU roadmap. The first Navi graphics cards will be released in the third quarter of 2019 at least one month after the official launch of Ryzen 3000. With these findings, AMD could present the new Ryzen CPUs at Computex 2019, which will take place from late May to early June, and for Navi, both Siggraph (July 28-August 1) and Gamescom (August 20-24), the Cologne-based gaming fair.

The 7 nm makes it more efficient

Apart from this supposed launch period, there is little known about the already repeatedly postponed Navi architecture. Previous rumours stated that AMD would change the current naming scheme (RX 500) and market Navi as Ryzen 3000. Meanwhile, the supposed performance information is more persistent. AMD is supposed to address the middle class with Navi and thus make the new models like Navi 20 from Turing for the competition with Nvidia. The yield in 7 nanometers is however considered safe, so AMD should be able to produce more efficient graphics chips and possibly catch up to Nvidia in terms of energy consumption.