RTX 2060 12GB : Stock should improve this month

The RTX 2060 graphics card is available now, but retail stock seems to be quite low and it’s difficult to grab one.

RTX 2060 12GB: Stock should improve this month

The generally low inventory of graphics cards around the world is also affecting the launch of new models, such as the recently unveiled RTX 2060.

The RTX 2060 model is being relaunched with a 12GB VRAM version and an improved chip, giving life to the RTX 2060 SUPER.

The graphics card was launched on December 7 last year without the Founders Edition model, but supply shortages hit it hard. Currently, the price of this model in Europe is about 600/700 euros. The price is 10-20% more expensive than the 2060 model with 6 GB of memory in Europe.

The new RTX 2060 12GB version will come with 2,176 CUDA cores, which is the same number of CUDA cores as the RTX2060Super, but the RTX2060 12GB version has a default TDP of 184W, which is more than the RTX2060Super’s default 175W.

The initial RTX2060 uses the Turing architecture, 12nm process, 192bit memory bit width, only 1920 CUDA cores, 48 RT Light Chase cores, 120 Tensor cores, a default main frequency of 1365Mhz, a maximum acceleration frequency of 1680Mhz, and a default TDP of 160W. The new RTX2060 12GB version has a higher default TDP than the old RTX2060 6GB is still a more limited improvement and consumes more power.

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The RTX 2060 12G memory version has increased the number of CUDA cores from 1920 to 2176 and increased the number of Light Chase cores and Tensor cores from 48 and 120 to 64 and 136 respectively, but the core frequency has been reduced from 1680MHz to 1650MHz.

Nvidia had hoped that this model could alleviate supply shortages, but that won’t happen before the end of the month. Nvidia promises that the bottleneck will be solved by the end of December/beginning of January.

Will this really help solve the GPU shortage? Probably not, at least not on a large scale, but it’s good that Nvidia is concerned about the shortage of supplies and wants to fix it as soon as possible.

Currently, an AIC has released the mining performance of the RTX 2060 12GB version, reaching 31.65MH/s, while power consumption is only 83.44W, its power consumption ratio is far superior to other models of graphics cards, it is clear that for gamers, this card is not very attractive, but for miners, it could be the best mining tool, so in all probability when the card is launched, it will again be mined by miners Sweep.