PS5: Official website activation predicts delays in PlayStation 5 startup

PS5 now has a formal website, but it does not provide any relevant data. Sony made a statement about the price, however, pointing out that the cost of the Xbox series X could influence its decision.

PS5: Official website activation predicts delays in PlayStation 5 startup

PS5 Release Date in End of February 2020?

Contrary to the strategy pursued by Microsoft, Sony is very cautious with information about the PlayStation 5. Although some rumors suggested that the console would be introduced in early February, the days are passing by and no official announcement is made. Despite the secrecy, the Japanese company today activated the website of its new hardware, making it clear that it is not yet ready for the main presentation.

“We’ve started to communicate some of the amazing features you can expect from PlayStation 5, but we’re not yet ready to fully introduce the next generation of PlayStation,” the news posted on the website said.

They also offer you the option of subscribing to their newsletter to receive new information from the console in the future, but without predicting when this will happen.

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Although the key data on the PS5 remains a mystery, Hiroki Totoki, Sony’s CFO, recently spoke about the price of new hardware in last quarter’s financial report. The executive suggested (via the VGC) that they have not yet defined the cost of their proposal, as all possible factors that are essential to the launch of a product will be considered in the final decision.

PlayStation 5 Official Statements:

“Firstly, we need to have absolute control over manpower and work costs, everything must be controlled. In the initial phase, we will work on production and sales, and we need to prepare the right volume when we bring it to the market. Totoki added. Even more importantly, his statements make it clear that competitors’ prices could also affect the PS5.

What is still not very clear or visible is that we are competing in one space, so it is very difficult to comment on price at this point. And depending on that price level, we need to determine what advertising we’re going to do and how much we’re willing to pay.

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Price Competition between PS5 and Xbox Series X

To date, however, Microsoft has not announced the price of the Xbox Series X; it is likely that it will be offered before or during E3 2020. “It’s a question of balance,” Totoki said, referring to the “smooth transition” they want to make to the next generation of consoles. “We will choose the optimal approach and try to balance it as well as possible to make it profitable over the lifetime of the product,” he concluded. Both consoles will be available in the last quarter of 2020.