PS5 and Xbox Scarlett: New details thrill developers

PlayStation 5 buyers will benefit especially from a hardware innovation. After recently provided information about the market launch of PlayStation 5 (Q4 2020), new information from a game developer is making a sensation in the gaming world. For the first time, it has demonstrated the core benefits of the new SSD. As reported, both Sony and Microsoft are using solid-state drives for their upcoming main consoles (PS5 and Xbox “Scarlett“) for the first time. Superfast hard drives are supposed to offer many advantages altogether.

Sony PS5 and Xbox Scarlett: New details thrill developers
Sony PS5 and Xbox Scarlett: New details thrill developers

PS5 Video game developer visions

The SSD Confirmation from Sony’s PlayStation Development Manager Mark Cerny pointed out advantages such as significantly shorter load times, but according to game developer Will Traxler, the new technology offers even more positive points. Traxler is currently developing the fighting game (2.5D) Exception, which will also be released on PlayStation 5. This is based on levels, so most assets are loaded in advance. There will also be advantages with these games, but these shouldn’t be too big.

PlayStation 5: New level for the Open World Games

The change to the SSD would primarily benefit the box office hits of the open world as the professional says. In an interview with GamingBolt, Traxler said the main reason for this was the fact that games with open game worlds continually transmit new models, textures and other details to the environment. In this case, the SSD could bring its full potential to bear. Resource-consuming top-ups are possible with this seamless technology. Players could experience this not only in the flow of the game but also on the graphical screen.

Traxler is also convinced that the use of the solid-state drive will allow significantly more improvements in the future. As soon as developers get used to the new hard drive of the best consoles, they will also discover new uses, which they will be able to incorporate into their games. The developers of Exception are already waiting for what the future holds for the gaming community.


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