Oculus Quest: native games can now be played without SteamVR

Virtual Desktop developer Guy Godin has rewritten the wireless PC-VR feature of Oculus Quest and released a new public beta version with the 1.9.6 update.

Oculus Quest: native games can now be played without SteamVR

According to the source, Godin has rewritten the wireless broadcast function used by Oculus Quest owners to play from their computer using Virtual Desktop.

The new version of Oculus Quest

As noted by its creator, this new update adds to Oculus Quest the ability to stream native Oculus Rift games without the need for Revive or SteamVR.

The developer also points out that there could be a delay between the user’s movements and what his eyes see of less than 20 milliseconds when he enters the field of virtual reality. However, users could experience a photon motion latency of between 30 and 40 milliseconds due to the transmitting function.

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These values have already been experienced by Godin and could be reduced by implementing a good VR-capable graphics card, a router, the right game and a Wi-Fi network that is not overloaded.

This version also improves the “reliability of the initial connection” and fixes many compatibility issues with some games, such as Boneworks and The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners.

Finally, the source points out that if users want to try this new version, they need the necessary hardware, SideQuest to patch Virtual Desktop and unlock the PC-VR streaming feature, the Oculus Store Quest version of Virtual Desktop, which generally costs about $20, and they also need to have the Oculus PC software installed on their computers.