NVIDIA RTX LHR Unlock appeared to be just malware

NVIDIA RTX LHR BIOS v2 supposedly promised to modify the BIOS of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 graphics card and remove the limiters to mine Ethereum with maximum performance. However, it was discovered that the software is actually just used to infect our PCs with malware, as discovered by Hassan Mujtaba, editor of the website Wccftech, who published the discovery on his Twitter account, as well as a video showing the malware.

The developer of RTX LHR v2 Unlocker, Sergey, claimed that he could modify the firmware of the graphics cards and remove the mining performance limit that Nvidia had introduced to make its cards LHR (Light Hash Rate), making them less attractive to miners.

In addition to the RTX 30, the software also supported the RTX A2000, A4000, A4500, and A5000 models, and tests showed mining speeds ranging from 49 MH/s (RTX 3060) to 115 MH/s (RTX 3080). Ti) depending on the disk model used in the process.

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As for the impact of the malware, so far we only know that the “LHRUnlocker Install.msi” file infects the powershell.exe file, but does not immediately cause critical damage to the system.

Fortunately, the scam was quickly uncovered, so to speak, and the links on Sergey’s GitHub page were deleted.

Source: Videocardz