Nvidia RTX 30 LHR has been fully unlocked

The developers of NiceHash confirm that they have fully unlocked the RTX 30 with the LHR limiter through their latest QuickMiner app. Cryptocurrency miners have just received some of the best news in a long time.

RTX 30 Lite Hash Rate (LHR) has been fully unlocked

All Lite Hash Rate GPUs have been unlocked, according to NiceHash developers.

The RTX 30 graphics cards from Nvidia received updated models with LHR limiting mining hashing. The goal was to “discourage” miners from buying GeForce gaming graphics cards. However, sales of graphics cards have declined not because of this limiter, but because mining has become less profitable at this time.

The full unlock of RTX 30 graphics cards comes at a time when mining is not at its peak, but this 100% unlock could give miners a new boost.

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As of August last year, NiceHash had already reached 70% hashing performance, so it took about 9 months to reach 100% mining performance.

It should be noted that not all RTX 30 cards were 100% unlocked with the QuickMiner tool. The 12GB RTX 3050 and RTX 3080 cannot be unlocked, perhaps because they implemented a new version of the algorithm.

Nvidia RTX 30 LHR has been fully unlocked

”We are very excited to announce that NiceHash QuickMiner (Excavator) is the first mining software to fully (100%) unlock LHR cards!

Now you can make more profit than any other mining software on the market using LHR graphics cards with NiceHash QuickMiner. NiceHash Miner support is coming soon.”

– NiceHash.

It should also be noted that this unlock only works with the Windows operating system and only supports the DaggerHashimoto (Etash) algorithm for now.

According to the new benchmarks, RTX 3080 Ti is now capable of mining at 117 MH/s. Normally, the performance was 85-88 MH/s.

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