Ethereum price increase will bring AMD cards into the eyes of the miners

It seems that history repeats itself over and over again with Ethereum, Monero, Dash, Tron, Ripple, and the many other mining alternatives out there. While players don’t like to see this kind of news, the story seems endless, and now the Radeon series could play a key role in it.

The reality is that we’re seeing a boom in mining profitability again and that usually means a real disaster for the PC graphics card market. This means that the Radeon 5700 series could be the next target for miners.

The GPU market is at a very interesting time, we are at the end of a cycle with the RTX 20 series and first-generation RDNA thanks to the RTX 30 series and the promise of new RDNA 2 based GPUs that are on the horizon.

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We are not sure if this news comes at a good or bad time. The good news might help to get the 5700 series cards in stock for the next generation, but it leads us to the next question – what will happen to the new graphics cards?

Ethereum mining, a rapid inventory loss in the near future

Ethereum price increase will bring AMD cards into the eyes of the miners

It is to be feared that the same story will be repeated because with the introduction of the new RDNA 2 graphics cards the miners could create another shortage in the market. So what is the problem? This is that the cards end up in the hands of the miners and not in the hands of the players.

The RTX 20 series however is not yet on the level of Ethereum mining like RDNA cards. According to what we could find out, a 2080 Super would be necessary to reach the efficiency of the ETH and the hash rate of the Radeon 5700 series.

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For the more curious: With a base configuration on Betterhash and an RX 5700XT, you can currently get a little over $5 per day, which is about $157 per month. This isn’t bad, although these numbers are achieved with all our efforts, without using our PC.