Graphics cards just dropped in price, RTX 30 LHR cards are cracked again: mining math at full power

Someone has posted an unlocker for the RTX 30 LHR graphics card that will bring back full-blooded graphics card mining arithmetic. In recent times, due to the heavy volatility in the cryptocurrency world, mining arithmetic has not grown for over a month and graphics card prices have started to loosen up and are expected to even plummet next month.

NVIDIA RTX 30 LHR might be vulnerable to mining again after a new BIOS tweak that unlocks the hash rate. On the other hand, RTX 3000 prices could drop sharply in March.

It’s not that prices are falling because of hash rate unlocking, but the reason is currency fluctuation. Anyway, mining has been increasing more and more each month, but the two news contradict each other. Below we explain everything.

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NVIDIA RTX 30 LHR hacked again

To provide some context: In 2020 and 2021, NVIDIA saw demand for graphics cards explode due to mining, especially Ethereum mining. There was also a shortage of components, so supply couldn’t keep up with demand.

Since the brand wanted mostly gamers to enjoy the RTX 3000, it launched the NVIDIA RTX 30 LHR – the same GPUs but limited to mining. At the same time, it introduced the NVIDIA CMP, a GPU designed exclusively for miners, but whose prices aren’t exactly popular.

So instead of buying the CMPs, they decided to hack the NVIDIA LHR because they were cheaper and easier to get. The news is that someone has released the first VBIOS completely automatic VBIOS modifier for the RTX 30 LHR. Updating the BIOS is not enough to unlock the limited hash rate, you need to download a decrypted driver and install it in Windows.

The software is free and it is forbidden to sell the BIOS modified with this program, as we have no responsibility for what users do with the software. It is also suitable for RTX professionals (A2000, A4000, etc.) and the unlock capacities are as follows:

  • RTX 3060 LHR V2: up to 49 MH/s
  • RTX 3060 Ti LHR: up to 61 MH/s
  • RTX 3070 LHR: Up to 57 MH/s
  • RTX 3070Ti – Up to 69 MH/s
  • RTX 3080 LHR – Up to 100 MH/s
  • RTX 3080Ti – up to 115 MH/s
  • RTX A2000 – up to 46 MH/s
  • RTX A4000 – up to 67 MH/s
  • RTX A4500 – unmeasured
  • RTX A5000 – up to 110 MH/s
  • RTX A5000 – up to 110 MH/s
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RTX 3000 price cut in March

Apparently, a price drop is expected due to currency fluctuations (foreign currencies), which should be the main reason for this price cut on the RTX 3000. The source claims that the price of the RTX 3000 has started to drop.

3DCenter’s price database shows that prices have indeed dropped since January 2nd. However, we’re still talking about a overprice of 157% over the official MSRP, so…. a lot of people aren’t going to benefit from that drop.

And it has to be said that the markup has dropped by almost 20%, but GPUs were cheaper last August. In my opinion, they should continue to fall, but not because of a currency problem, but because the RTX 4000 and RX 7000 are on their way down and their entire stock could be in danger as interest in them will be lost.