Nvidia and RED work together to deliver 8K content with Quadro RTX

NVIDIA announced that with the help of the American camera company RED, they were able to solve one of the biggest problems with the 8K: the required hardware. The latest Quadro RTX Turing video boards support 8K playback and rendering effects to enhance the working speed of video editors, colorists and more.

Nvidia and RED work together to deliver 8K content with Quadro RTX

“It gives you more flexibility in image stabilization or panning and zooming to crop a frame without losing image quality in the final (4K) delivery format,” wrote NVIDIA.

Several media record their content in 8K, although this is not always the final resolution of the project. The purpose of the 8K, as Nvidia mentioned earlier, is to capture images with a lower resolution in detail. The problem is that great hardware performance is required to edit the content and display these images. This is where Quadro RTX and its new video editing technologies come in.

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The latest Quadro RTX boards with advanced raytracing system cost between $2,300 and $10,000, RED CEO Jarred Land said the 24fps 8K was tested on the Quadro RTX 6000. However, he added: “We are convinced that it will also work in Turing, where earnings are weak. If so, you don’t need to spend $6300 on a GPU to edit 8K content.

8K is undoubtedly the future, and thanks to Nvidia it will be possible to generate content for this resolution in 2018. We still have a long way to go, but it is good to see such steady progress.

What do you think of the 8K in the Quadro RTX?

Source: Engadget