Nvidia announcing GeForce RTX at Gamescom

Nvidia has released a lot of news about the new generation of GPUs for Quadro RTX professional graphics cards, along with a short introduction to the next generation of GeForce RTX.

Nvidia announcing GeForce RTX at Gamescom
Nvidia presents a short video about its new generation of GeForce RTX graphics

If there’s one thing clarified with the introduction of Quadro RTX, it’s the fact that the next GeForce GeForce will use RTX naming in their upcoming graphics card models for gamers.

Nvidia will present its new generation of GeForce graphics cards on August 20th at Gamescom in Germany and invite all players to watch the exclusive event they will experience there with a short video.

In the video, you will see that the graphics card you remove from the case appears to be a standard Pascal graphics card and the graphics card in the case appears to be a TITAN. The show will take place in the last moments when lightning and fragments of the next design will be shown at Gamescom in Cologne.

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We have so far confirmed two things: The GeForce RTX 2080 / 2070 (or whatever they are called) will use the Turing architecture and the naming scheme of the cards (at least some of them) will be RTX. The idea is that the next GeForce will have some kind of optimization to speed up the use of ray tracing, but not to the level that a Quadro RTX can achieve. We could also see that GTX and RTX models exist simultaneously, but these are just guesses. On August 20th, when the new graphics cards from Nvidia finally see the light of day, we will know for sure.