Nvidia announces the GeForce 11 at Gamescom on August 20

NVIDIA announced today its upcoming GeForce Gaming Celebration, which will take place on August 20 at Gamescom 2018 in Cologne. This event will focus primarily on the gaming industry and is the best way for NVIDIA to announce its next-generation GeForce 11 graphics cards, `Turing’.

NVIDIA Unveils Next-Generation GeForce 11 Graphics Cards at Gamescom

Nvidia announces the GeForce 11 at Gamescom on August 20
We’ve heard many rumors that August is the month for the introduction of the new NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards. Well, the rumors seem very credible after NVIDIA announced a big event: the GeForce Celebration Event’ on August 20, the perfect place for big announcements and where ProfessionalReview staff will participate.

The world’s largest games fair, Gamescom 2018, will take place in Cologne from August 21 to 25 and GeForce will be there the day before the event. After the exclusive Nvidia event, the green company will remain in Hall 10.1, Stand E-072, to see first-hand everything it has to show the public.

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Nvidia announces the GeForce 11 at Gamescom on August 20

Nvidia says the event will be filled with new, exclusive and practical performances of the most popular games, stage presentations by the world’s greatest game developers and some “spectacular surprises”.

Rumors point to the next release of GeForce 11’Turing’ graphics cards:

GTX 1180 (Release date: 30. August)
GTX 1180+ (Release date: 30. September)
GTX 1170 (Release date: 30. September)
GTX 1160 (Release date: 30. October)

During the GeForce Gaming Celebration, we will see how true this schedule is, starting with the legendary GTX 1180 we talked about earlier.